Cliq wants to break down the barriers that prevent two groups of friends from socializing.



Cliq is a social app that introduces two groups of friends by sending them to great events in Chicago. The app works in real-time, enabling Cliqs to choose each other, chat and meet in person that same night. 

The Challenge

Cliq originally began as Cliqster. They had a strong concept but their product and identity were in need of a facelift. The user experience and brand identity needed to be reworked and reexamined. They were attempting to solve the age old problem of "cliques." The challenge was to figure out how to use technology in an effective way to solve a very human issue. How do you bring two different groups of people together in a comfortable, yet exciting way?

My Role

I worked on the complete rebrand of "Cliqster." Keeping their end goal in sight, I worked with their team to reposition their brand strategy, create their identity and redesign their product.

My role included visual design, design strategy and user experience. I worked on keeping the brand consistent across multiple touch points while creating a user friendly, cohesive product.

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Credit: Becca Rabinowitz / Nick Weiczorek


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