Piggyback wants to be that one friend with the best new music. Really great songs sent to you by really great people.



Piggyback is a personal project that blends my love for music & design. It's a simple music discovery app that promotes up & coming artist. Piggyback sends you new music everyday but also gives you the proof to say that you found an artist first.  

The Problem

Simplify the music discovery process. 

How do you give up & coming artist the chance to be heard in a unique way giving their potential fans the chance to say they found them first? How do you create a music discovery app that stands out amongst the already crowded category?

My Role

I created the experience and user interface for the ios app and am currently working with my business partner to develop it. I tried to keep the design simple and let the album artwork really bring the app to life.

In the mean time, we are working on sending out a weekly email with the best songs of the week. If you want to join the list, shoot me an email. 

Credit: Lexi Opper


Mobile dashboard.png