Radpad is the first one-stop shop for all renting needs in the 21st century. 



RadPad is a rental marketplace that enables renters to find an apartment, apply, sign their lease and pay rent all on one platform. It allows landlords to list long and short term apartments & homes, qualify applicants and accept debit and credit card rent payments. RadPad launched in January 2013 in Los Angeles and has since become the largest rental marketplace in the LA Metro Area.

The Challenge

Make renting easier. Renting is an overwhelming process for both renters and landlords, our hope was to reimagine what it means to rent. In an oversaturated market, we wanted to stick out by creating an end-to-end solution for both renters and landlords. We needed to win over both sides of the marketplace for it to be a success. 

My Role

I worked at RadPad as a product designer on a small team consisting of myself and the creative director. I had the opportunity to work across platforms, web, ios and android and on a variety of products and features. From optimizing our current product to introducing new products like the ability to build and sign your lease online, I got the chance to work on every aspect of the product cycle. I generally worked end to end, working on the initial concepting phases, to user flows, low & high fidelity mock ups, product specs and to working with the engineering team to ship high quality products.  

See below for an example of one of the major projects I focused on. Check out my dribbble for some more work from RadPad.

Creative Direction: Tyler Galpin / Credit: Matt Miller, Jonathan Eppers





Creating a lease and sending it digitally 

As an aim to close the loop on the entire renting life cycle, we introduced a simple solution to the last phase, signing a lease. Often the most out dated process of renting an apartment is having to sign a wordy, lengthy lease in person. We integrated with DocuSign to create a product that would allow both experienced landlords and inexperienced landlords to create a lease and digitally send that lease for renters to sign and pay for right through RadPad.

I was tasked with working on this product from end to end. I worked with our team to review the competitive landscape, conduct user tests, create user flows, design for the edge cases and work with the engineering team to get it out the door looking pixel perfect.

See below for more screenshots and details from the flow.

BloomNation Copy 7.png



A lease isn't complete without renters signatures

The second phase of this project was to create the experience for the renters. We needed to make sure the entire process felt, simple, trustworthy and exciting. It was important we included that feeling of excitement, whether that be in the details, the copy or the overall look and feel.

See below for more screenshots and details from the flow.



More samples of some favorites! 

See below for examples of other work I created while at RadPad. I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of work, from profile pages, marketing pages, emails and more.  

Check out my dribbble for a closer look at the details. 


It's nice and all but how did you get there? What's my process?

Your looking at the perfect pixels but of course this work was done with a lot of thought, research, wire-framing, prototyping, testing and more. The process is the most important part of building a great product. See below for a glimpse into mine at RadPad. 

We spent a lot of time in design feedback sessions, iterating on the design until it was just right!  


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 5.57.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 5.58.43 PM.png