Vendi bean is taking the coffee shop experience and bringing it into your average vending machine.



Vendi Bean is an organic, fair trade 24/7 coffee shop in a vending machine. Aiming to disrupt the vending machine industry, Vendi Bean has created a unique spin on the typical vending machine experience. 

VendiBean’s niche is their priority on the quality of their coffee. The VendiBean team strives to deliver barista-made quality coffee at the convenience of a push of a button.  

After prioritizing the coffee they focus on making VendiBean a fun, trendy, and interactive experience. 

The Challenge

How do you make a vending machine cool? How do you make a vending machine memorable? How do you give the brand enough legs for scalability. How can you create a community around a vending machine?

My Role

Led the design effort in creating the brand for the company. From logo design, the actual vending machine to the overall conceptual brand strategy I worked with the founder to create a new take on a typical vending machine. The idea behind the branding was to bring a very personal coffee shop like experience to something generally depicited as quite the opposite. 

Credit: Teal Cooper

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